Choosing the Domain Right: Seven Tips from an SEO Expert

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Above all, the perfect domain is one thing: clearly recognizable in the mind’s eye, but always given away after the availability check. On the way to the next best domain, the searcher often comes off the right path and gets lost in abstruse domain creations.Once the mistakes have been made, they are difficult to correct later and are associated with high costs. The following selection explains the most common mistakes that should be avoided.

Choosing the Domain Right: Seven Tips from an SEO Expert

1. Choose the correct extension

Meanwhile, there are countless domain extensions and many web hosting companies advertise using them, should the domain with another extension no longer be free.

In my opinion, that’s not an advantage. Why? Most web users are used to the fact that behind a web address .com stands and enter your company name then also like that. The ending .net is already much less common, but still common.

And you only take .biz, .info or .org when you are completely desperate. Many spam domains use these endings, so you should leave it alone.

New, exotic endings have the only advantage that they cost more – and the hosters then earn more.


2. domains can also be bought

If your desired name is already assigned in the .com version, but not filled with content, just try to buy the domain! Many occupied but unused domains can be found on the domain marketplace.
Who now wonders how to measure the value of a domain, I have to disappoint unfortunately. Since I’ve been involved in domain business for a long time myself, I can sum it up like this: A domain is worth what you’re willing to pay for it. Negotiation skill and empathy play a significant role in the purchase. If you do not trust yourself, you should also try to buy it through Sedo, even if the domain is not listed there.  If you want to know where to buy expired domains, definitely check out our featured provider.


3. Fantasy name or keyword domain?

You often hear that you should include the keyword that potential customers are looking for in the domain name – to get a better ranking on Google. That’s partly true, but only partially.

Who actually has the keyword in its purest form (e.g. without hyphens, numbers or other attachments!) As a domain name, easily makes it into the Top10. If you are looking for “holidays”, you will find in the Top10. Anyone who attaches to his keyword already the 24 or works with other additives for which this slight advantage evaporates.

In practice, unfortunately, I still often see domain names, which are used just to contain the keywords. Unfortunately, such long “keyword names” make a dubious impression on customers.

In addition, branding is almost impossible with such a domain name.

People like Amazon, Zalando or Apple – all fancy names that are very important these days – because they are established brands.

4. Choose a simple name

Your domain name or company name should be easy to pronounce and ideally you should also know how to write it while listening. That’s important, you should later reach a greater awareness. Ask friends or acquaintances how they would write your company name. If there are too much disagreements here, think about whether it makes sense!


5. Be sure to do a trademark search

When choosing the domain name, make sure that you do not violate any trademark rights. Otherwise threatens right at the beginning of your entrepreneurship an expensive warning, more details would unfortunately go beyond the scope here, just look for the best “domain name + trademark” Google. The Patent and Trademark Office helps you to find out if a trademark is registered .

6. Fantasy and connotation

So, and now we come to the freestyle! A fantasy name is great and helps later to become an established and well-known brand. It is even better if the name suggests what your company is about!

This means not having the keyword, but having a meaning in the name. This actually has ranking advantages, because many users look at the Google domain name.

A later name change is unfortunately – if you already have an established brand – associated with great effort. So if you are not sure, then rather choose a complete fantasy name like Google, Apple, Twitter or Facebook. All these well-known brands were also once “idiotic” word creations of small founders.


Summary – Quick tips for the perfect domain

  • It’s best to choose a .COM extension
  • If a domain is already taken, try to buy for a small amount of money
  • Avoid hyphens, umlauts or numbers, if possible
  • Domains with the keyword in the name are good – but not at any price
  • Make sure your name is easy to write after listening
  • Conduct a trademark search
  • Try to bring a connotation that has something to do with your business